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Save up to 40% on energy costs for water-using appliances AND 75% on soap and cleaning chemicals, when you have soft water from Landes Water Treatment LLC!

Discover the Benefits of Affordable, Reliable Water Softeners & Soft Water in Virginia

What are the benefits of soft water? If you live in Virginia, our experience shows that you most likely have hard water in your home. That includes homes both on city water or a well. As a homeowner, it seems like there is always something to do to keep our house clean and presentable. However, with hard water, we never realized how much time and money we were wasting each week.

Here are a few of the things we learned and think other homeowners, like you, might appreciate.

Some Benefits of Soft Water In Your Home

  1. Having soft water saves you money. According to a study by the Battelle Institute, you use up to 75% less soap and fewer cleaning products with soft water. Considering the soap and detergent aisle is the most expensive aisle in the grocery store, your budget will immediately reflect the savings!
  2. Your plumbing will last longer. Hard water can cause a build-up of scale from mineral deposits. Over time, pipes and fixtures can clog, water flow can diminish, and water pressure can be reduced. This doesn’t happen with soft water. Soft water is low in mineral content and therefore doesn’t leave deposits in the pipes.
  3. Your hot water heater will last longer. Scale and lime build-up created by minerals will not take place if your water is soft. This adds life to your hot water heater. Also, if you have deposits in your hot water heater, the University of New Mexico found it will cost up to 29.6% more to heat the water that your family does use.
  4. Diminished razor burn and less dry, cracked skin: Soft water causes the razor to glide more easily across the face. This, in turn, causes your razor blades to last longer. Hard water minerals can also build up on your skin. Do you know that “squeaky” clean feeling after a shower? Well, that’s not the feel of your natural skin. Often it’s the result of minerals bonding with your soap to stick to your skin.
  5. Water-using appliances will last longer. Whether it’s your coffee pot, humidifier, or hot tub, your hard water is causing a build-up of minerals and reducing the life of these products.

Water Softeners Soften the Water Throughout Your Home


✔️ Shiny, spotless dishes and glasses

✔️ Sparkling-clean sinks

✔️ Longer life for plumbing and appliances

✔️ Cleaner dishwasher with no scale buildup


✔️ Cleaner fixtures with no soap-scum buildup

✔️ Stain-free sinks, tubs, and showers

✔️ Softer skin and more manageable hair

✔️ Use less shampoo and conditioners


✔️ Wash is fresher, cleaner, and brighter

✔️ Longer life for washing machine

✔️ Use less detergent

✔️ Softer clothes

Landes Water Treatment LLC offers reliable, affordable water softeners

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baylee landes
baylee landes
13:40 05 Jul 22
Pleasure to work with
Stan Smith
Stan Smith
13:57 06 Jul 21
This morning, a new IDP40CC system was installed at my house. I am already seeing a huge improvement in the quality of water.Special thanks to Ken... L. and his assistant who first came to inspect my old system and do the water testing free of charge, and today completed the installation. The team arrived at both appointments exactly on time, and did the job fast and professionally, explaining to me all they did in clear terms.Such professional work and courteous attitude brings great credit on the team and the more
13:44 30 Mar 20
If you need your water tested, treated or just to talk to some professionals I was HIGHLY impressed with the professionalism and integrity of Clean... Water of VA. They tested my water quickly, had excellent communication on results, and were truthful that i should NOT spend any money to treat our water! So impressed to have company that helps others and puts integrity over making a more
Sarah Simmons
Sarah Simmons
21:36 27 Mar 18
Mrs. Miles is the best pwople to talk to! She so nice polite and listens so well! Great prices and do a good job!!! Id reccomend to anyone and... everyone!!read more
Phi Khuu
Phi Khuu
20:10 27 Mar 18
Outstanding service! They arrived on time, greatly priced and I had absolutely no problems. It’s quiet rare and surprising to see how friendly and... punctual they are. For once, I’ve found a service that puts the proper attention into the importance of other’s more
Nathan Simmons
Nathan Simmons
19:03 27 Mar 18
Great place very good workers with great products at a low cost. Highly recommend
Ridge Angeline
Ridge Angeline
18:59 27 Mar 18
Mrs. Miles was a delight to deal with when I spoke to her. Would 100% recommend this company to anyone!
Kevin McMullen
Kevin McMullen
17:56 27 Mar 18
Have had a couple great experiences with the owner and the lady in the office so far. Couldn't ask for better customer service!
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